Viking home

How Did the Viking Houses Look Like?

According to the ancient sagas, it is known that Vikings spent half of life in the battles. They were loyal friends to each other in a fight. For the death of a brother, the enemy was revenged even at the cost of own life of the warrior. The Vikings were armed with swords, axes, arrows with bows, sticks, shields, and helmets. But the thing is these people were not only good warriors but also farmers, fishermen, and jewelers. The Vikings made a lot of different decorations such as rings, pins, bracelets, and pendants. It serves not only like an ornament but also as an amulet. Nowadays such decorations have gained great popularity. There are a lot of Viking rings for sale.

What did Viking houses look like?

At this time were spread longhouses that consisted of one room, length from 12 to 30 meters. In the middle of the house, there were two rows of powerful pillars bearing the burden of the roof. Buildings of this type have a long history before the epoch of Vikings. At first, there lived not only humans but also cattle.

How to build a Viking longhouse?

The look of Viking house and other household buildings depended on the climate. In wooded places and places where the winters were not too harsh, the houses were built up from the wood. In the damp, cold and brutal colonies of the Vikings in the Atlantic all buildings were made with stones and peat. Such the houses were warmer. So there were two types of buildings: wooden and stone.

How did look Viking houses inside?

In Viking longhouse were partitions that created some small rooms which served as pantry or bedroom, where, of course, was calmer than in the general hall. The frontal door was wooden. Vikings decorated it with a simple interlacing ornament with the image of fantastic animals and plants. Furniture was made of wood too. For the durability, it was sheathed with metal. For seating, were used benches of various sizes. They could be both stationary or portable. In general, the interior of the dwellings was extremely poor. But the Vikings made every effort to somehow improve it.

People slept on a leather bag with hay, grass or straw. The Vikings of the high status had the beds which were made of wood. The straw served as bedding. On top of that put a mattress and a blanket. Over time, the mattresses began to fill with bird fluff. Later, they began to curtain the bed and cover the wall, near which it stood, with a carpet.

So Viking housing was so poor. But the people tried to ornament it as only possible. They made decorations of wood, weaved fabrics and sheathed chairs with metal. Every master and mistress tried to make their house beautiful.