Polka Dot Decor

Polka Dot Decor and Furniture Trend in 2019

Polka dots are patterns that consist of regularly spaced spots – and the brighter the color, the more vibrant space. Decide on the appearance you would like to create – if you have a dull room you’d want to spruce up, for example, with Tolix stool 18 having some colorful dots that will do the trick. By the way, such an element is one of the newest restaurant trends of this year.

Dots are a fun decor element, therefore often used in children’s rooms. But polka dots and other circular shapes can be used in any place for dramatic effect; in the right amounts, sizes, and pattern, it looks ultra modern and elegant. Circles in muted and monochromatic colors have a more sophisticated and mature look while combining dots with other designs, such as stripes and florals, creates offsetting variations.


When it goes about dining trends, dots and circles can be heavy on the eye, but if used creatively – in a dining room as a table setting for instance – it’s the perfect decor theme for a special occasion.

Get personal

Add fun elements to show your unique style in the space; keep decor elements in the same color or with the same motif throughout the area.

Accessorise the theme

Choose modern accessories, such as the three dramatic red ceramic vases shown here.

Earn your stripes

Stripes work wonders in a circular-themed space while adding that extra little something to finish off the look – add wit to your style statement by using striped napkins with a dotted tablecloth in a circular setting.

Repeat yourself

Repetition reinforces any decor theme here, red round mats repeat the circle motive, pulling the theme together and strengthen the overall look.

Fresh flowers

Neutral ground Choose a neutral background for a less frivolous or playful appearance – or opt for circular furniture, now also readily available in retail outlets.

Sassy circles  

Small polka dots in bright colors are much easier on the eye than big round shapes. This Mexican oilcloth is fun but still timeless and, depending on the décor, can work in pop, modern or even a complex kitchen environment.

Spot the dot

A few dotted items such as mugs, dishcloths and other kitchenware will give character to a modern white kitchen.

Mini-mono elegance

In this minimalist monochrome studio, the rug with large circles is used to create a focal point which brings together all the elements in the room. The earthy tones lend elegance to the appearance of the room, while the strong graphic circles keep it modern – and repeating the circular motif with the round coffee tables completes the look perfectly. A few earthy elements such as wooden bowls with round cut-outs and nature inspired photos to add warmth and give the space a lived-in feel, without drawing too much attention.

Roomy roundabout

The use of circles and other patterns lends an arty edge in this room. Shwe Shwe Swallows bedlinen is The Design Team’s new textile range, a traditional earthy model that gets a fresh, modern injection thanks to the unbalanced placement of dots in the background. The round crocheted cushions, bed lamp and rug enhance this unique sporty look.

The basic polka dot pattern has progressed through various design eras to become the perfect coordinating element in interiors, showing creative interpretations of traditional dotted patterns and the incorporation of small elements such as the swallows we have used.


Give a modern black and white bathroom another impact with bright, graphic polka dots and striped towels – when the dots are at the laundry, you’ll have an elegant monochrome look.

Go dotty

Polka dots in a rainbow of colors against a light background set the mood for an elegant room which is still playful enough for kiddies’ dreams – combine it with florals and checks for variation.