What Are The Crystals That Protect You Against Evil Spirits?

It is well known that there is quite a lot of negative energy nowadays. Furthermore, negative energy may appear anytime and anywhere. That is why it is essential to use some unique crystals that keep away bad spirits and various stones for protection from negative energy. Moreover, you also need to be aware of the main characteristic features of some crystals for protection from spirits. Also, conscious items reviews will help you to choose the most suitable and appropriate crystals for protection.

It is highly recommended to use some unique crystals to ward off negative energy. So, how can protection crystals defend you from evil spirits? Are crystals evil or not? Keep on reading to find the answers and to get to know a lot of exciting information about the protection of stones and crystals.

What are the most Suitable Crystals to Ward off Negative Energy?

It has been already mentioned that there are special crystals and stones, which are commonly used for protection from negative energy and various evil spirits. Moreover, there are different kinds of protection, stones, and crystals. That is why it is essential to choose one particular stone or crystal, which will be the most suitable and appropriate for you and your purpose. According to various researches and numerous social polls, a lot of people all over the world believe in the high power of the protection stones and crystals. So, let us consider several individual crystals and stones which will protect you against evil spirits and negative energy.

1. Black crystals for protection are considered to be the most popular and widespread crystals. The most potent black protection crystal is called black tourmaline. It will protect you from the influence of negative energy and evil spirits. Black tourmaline is a powerful and efficient crystal.

2. Amethyst is a unique protection stone that is dark purple. It is highly recommended to use this stone to protect yourself from the so-called energetic vampires. Moreover, it is commonly accepted that some people can create negative energy and spread it to others. Also, amethyst will help you to stay calm and to cope with your anxiety, fear, anger, etc.

3. Tourmaline Quartz is also well known as white quartz. By the way, it usually contains small pieces of black tourmaline. This protection stone is rather famous for its healing properties. It is commonly used to keep away bad energy and protect the spirit of a particular person.


There are quite a lot of stones and crystals which are used against evil spirits. It is worth to know some characteristic features of these protection stones to choose the most suitable and appropriate one.