Knights Templar

What Are the Secrets of the Knights Templar?

The order of the Knights Templar from the moment of its foundation was distinguished by duality. It was both military and monastic, which theoretically was impossible since the monks could not violate the commandments, among which “do not kill.” However, the Templars were able to combine these mutually exclusive concepts. All members of the order gave monastic vows: poverty, innocence, and obedience. However, according to the statute, they were exempted from the execution of part of the commandments and services, since they had to protect the life and freedom of Christian pilgrims. The main symbol of this order was a red cross. Nowadays very popular are knights Templar lapel pins with the pictures of it.

What are the secrets of the Knights Templar?

The history of this order in full of secrets. At first, there were only a few people in the order, the main purpose of whom was to provide a safe path for pilgrims to Jerusalem. The official transformation of the Brotherhood into an order took place only ten years later after its foundation. A big secret of the Templars is where they have been during these years. There were no hints on their existence at all for this time. Among the founders of the Order of the Temple was a famous preacher, which was recognized by the Catholic Church as a saint. This man wrote a statute for the Order, which was approved in 1128. So this year, it was just knights Templar conspiracy.

In fact, the Order was the first in the history of the international organization based on military force and an extensive financial network. In this case, all the actions of the Templars committed under the cloak of secrecy and no one could know in advance about their plans. The secrets of knights Templar caused hostility of the Church and the monarchs.

It is known that the knights were arrested by the order of the king who was owed them a big sum of money. He blamed them in the blasphemy but everyone understood that the reasons for the arrest of the Templars were purely political. The Templars were also accused of idolatry because they had idols made of bronze which had three faces, horns, and eyes. For the Templars, these artifacts were considered symbols of wealth and prosperity, but the judges saw in them evidence of devil worship.

Do knights Templar exist today?

A lot of people are convinced that this order exists today. But it is worth to say that the lifestyle of this order was very strict. It is unlikely that a modern person could adhere to such rules. Of course, there are plenty of believers of this order but they can be called Templar knights.

So nowadays exist a lot of knights Templar legends which tell us about their victories and lifestyle. But it is worth to remember that these are only legends but not historical facts.